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TC Sports Therapy Braintree Witham Essex Back Neck Massage  Sports Injury Hernia Foot Exercise

Total Care Sports Therapy is based in Braintree, Halstead and the surrounding areas and operated by Letitia Cleary. We aim to treat each patient as an individual regardless of their sporting ability. We treat sporting injuries and occupational injuries as well as treating those who wish to prevent such injuries, or increase their daily functioning.



Letitia Cleary completed her 3 year degree in Sports Therapy in 2014 and has experience in treating injuries from a wide range of sports including: rugby, semi-professional football, basketball and even frisbee! She has worked with the elderly and sedentary, providing massage and exercise therapy for those up to the age of 86. She is also currently the sports therapist for Braintree Rugby Club Senior and Academy sides and has experience in the NHS as part of a community physiotherapy team.


Letitia Cleary (BSc Sports Therapy, MSST, MSTO)


Letitia is qualified in ultrasound, remedial & sports massage therapy, other electrotherapeutical modalities and various taping & postural correction techniques. Letitia is a keen believer in maintaining an active lifestyle in order to ensure optimal functioning of the body and will coach you through your rehabilitation or strength & conditioning programs every step of the way. TC Sports Therapy also has a strong belief in using massage as a way to relieve the tension caused by stress. A regular maintenance program of massage can significantly reduce stress and tension within the muscles.


Please feel free to enquire about all the services we offer at TC Sports Therapy by scrolling down to our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sports Massage Therapist Braintree, Letitia Cleary
Sports Massage Therapist Letitia Cleary TC Sports Therapy
TC Sports Therapy Reviews Sports Massage Reviews Braintree
Sports Injury and Sports Massage treatments, Mobile Sports Massage Braintree
TC Sports Therapy Braintree Witham Essex Back Neck Massage  Sports Injury Hernia Foot Exercise
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Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy that is tailored to your individual needs. TC Sports Therapy specialises in Sports and Remedial Massage.



£26 per 30 minute treatment
£35 per 45 minute treatment
£42 per 60 minute treatment
£58 per 90 minute treatment
Exercise Therapy


Whether it be to prevent an injury or rehabilitate and injury already sustained or even as a general maintenance programme TC Sports Therapy adapts routine exercises to cater to all individuals.




£26 per 30 minute treatment


Kinesiotaping is a new expanding area in the world of sport and rehabilitation. Not only does it work to support, it can also have a faciltatory effect on the muscles and their firing patterns and work wonders for lympahtic drainage. Watch that deep bruising just disappear!



£8 per application and briefing
Ultrasound Therapy

This is a pain free modality that can be used to help speed up the healing process and is particularly useful in the sub acute phase, where deep massage may be too painful.

Ultrasound is particularly useful as a combination therapy to help speed up the healing process of tendon and ligament damage whilst also providing a thermal effect deep in the tissues.



£28 per 30 minute treatment & injury rehabilitation advice
TC Sports Therapy Braintree Witham Essex Back Neck Massage  Sports Injury Hernia Foot Exercise
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